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From Managua airport

Travel Lenght : 156 Km      Time Duration : 3 hours approx


From the airport, take a right and follow the Panamerican Highway (NIC-1) for 10 km and take a right onto Carretera Tipitapa-Masaya (NIC-11A). Continue for 23 km until you reach Carretera Masaya (NIC-4).
Take a left and continue for 4 km up to a roundabout and take a right.



Continue for 75 km to Rivas (km 110).
Before entering to Rivas make a right and after 1 km make another right to Tola.


Continue on this road (NIC-62) for 13 km to Tola Central Park.
Make the left at the opposite end of the Park and continue on that road until you see signs indicating Rancho Santana.


After making that right,continue down the road for approx 27 km. Once you drive through Las Salinas you will come to an intersection with a big bridge on your left. Make that left on the bridge and continue for aprox 2,5 km. Make a left at the intersection at the sign for Playa Guasacate. Continue on this dirt road for another 2,5 km and you will see a sign overhead for Club Surf Popoyo and you are here!

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